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Think you haven’t achieved anything? 62 real-life achievement statements for undergraduate resumes


Remember how I gave you a checklist of ways to job search over winter break without networking? (If not, read it here.) Step one is to add this semester’s classes and accomplishments to your resume. Does that stop you cold, thinking, “I’ve done stuff, but it was all for clubs and class… what do I do?”

Never fear! I’ve collected 62 inspiring real-life accomplishments, all from the in-class or on-campus experience of undergrads like you.

Did you do marketing for an organization, volunteer in a school or write a research paper? If the answer is yes (and I bet it is), the examples below will show you how to help an employer see value in your experience, even if was unpaid.

And if you’re wondering why I led with student publications, it’s because I was president and creative director of a monthly mag at UNC-Chapel Hill. And yes, that experience is still on my resume AND employers always ask about it! So stop worrying that classwork and extracurriculars don’t count; they do.

Student Publications

  1. Increased recognition of tri-weekly newspaper and helped qualify the 2007-2008 version as a Pacemaker Finalist
  2. Assigned and copyedited articles for daily publication; pitched story ideas and managed over 50 writers.
  3. Redesigned the magazine for the first time in three years while delegating assignments to 10 designers and editing their layouts each month
  4. Advised photographers working on photo stories and essays from conception to publication
  5. Create blog posts on more time-sensitive issues, like product recommendations for an unexpectedly cold week
  6. Oversaw a desk of 30 writers for daily university newspaper with a readership of 38,000
  7. Hired new photographers and supervised 60-person photo staff
  8. Assisted with planning story topics, such as alumni profiles and campus events, for a monthly magazine with a distribution of approximately 5,000

Greek Life

  1. Enforce and uphold chapter bylaws through clear communication of standards, increasing member participation by 40%
  2. Launched, wrote and distributed weekly Greek Newsletter to more than 2,500 Greek members, advisors and commissioners
  3. Designed and presented Greek End of the Year Report to members, advisors, commissioners and University officials
  4. Organize five to seven social events a week to facilitate bonding for 140+ brothers
  5. Educated and served as mentor for 45 new ADPI members

School Volunteer / Tutor

  1. Worked with three at-risk third graders twice a week to improve math and reading skills
  2. Improved reading skills of kindergartners and first graders by animatedly reading books aloud and actively encouraging their participation in the process
  3. Committed 3 hours weekly for tutoring and mentoring students in 9-12th grade during after school hours.
  4. Instructed 24 second-grade students in an urban school district with multiple learning styles
  5. Disciplined and mentored an eight year old girl twice a week for 4 hours each day
  6. Tutored and encouraged low-income middle school students in various courses
  7. Provided a safe and motivating after school environment for 10 to 12 kids
  8. Function as a student assistant in a kindergarten classroom while collaborating intently with the teacher and sometimes parents to develop the students’ reading, writing, and mathematical comprehension skills.

Student Government

  1. Lead the Student Government Association with the Executive Board; personally revised constitution, formed attendance policy, and oversaw duties of senators and cabinet/ staff members.
  2. Managed the annual programming budget of the campus using excel; amount roughly $125,000
  3. Evaluated project proposals including the implementation of food waste composting, solar water heating for the sports and fitness facilities, and the conversion of 20% of the college’s grounds to native prairie grass.
  4. Worked with 30 students to accelerate support and spirit of XXX athletics

Admissions Ambassador

  1. I am one of an inaugural four-person team hired to initiate projects with goals of increasing admitted student yield rate, information publicity to transfer students, number of campus visits, and more.
  2. Applied for and was selected out of 150 Albright students to represent the student body as an Admissions Ambassador

Resident Advisor

  1. Helped organize annual Housing Fair & increased attendance from the prior, record-breaking year through a strategic marketing plan and personal advocacy.
  2. Develop relationships with 40 residents to meet their academic, emotional, and social needs
  3. Manage 200 residents and quickly address concerns such as room conflicts, school policy violations, and class scheduling issues.
  4. Present 12 programs per semester for the residence halls, including social programs, diversity programs, community partnership programs, academic environment programs, and individual development programs.


  1. Worked on a microfinance project with students from the University of Liberia by compiling a 20-page research report with information focused on successes/failures of microfinance practices in Haiti
  2. Collaborated with a team of five students to conduct original research and create a comprehensive media relations plan based on an expert positioning strategy. The team presented the plan to a panel of executives and students.

Student Organization Leadership

  1. Acquired Registered Student Organization recognition by University
  2. Attained 501(c)(3) status and sponsorship with Princeton Review
  3. Elected by 90 dues-paying member peers to lead student-run PR firm for the 2011-12 school year
  4. Oversee a student club that serves as an “umbrella” organization of all multicultural student clubs on campus and maintain a membership roster of 100 members or more
  5. Secured two new chapter professional advisors and utilized all professional advisors by setting up a mentorship program between advisors and executive board members
  6. Co-founded student group, which strives to raise awareness of the inherent inequality in the current educational system and to correct this inequality through the creation of opportunities currently unavailable to disadvantaged high school students.
  7. Managed a 501(c)3 non-profit, an 80-person staff and an $18,000 budget
  8. Assembled a team of 30 to fill positions in finance, public and internal relations, and development

Student Organization Membership Acquisition

  1. Increased membership by more than 500 percent during two semesters
  2. Secured a 20 percent increase in firm membership, with more than 200 members, for 2011-2012 school year
  3. Spearheaded the PRSSA Student-run Firm National Affiliation application and received accreditation in February 2011
  4. Recruited over 100 members to participate and contribute to the sustainability of the group
  5. Produced the chapter’s quarterly newsletter by recruiting writers, editors and photographers, generating and assigning story ideas, designing the layout and distributing it to chapter members, journalism students and professionals

 Student Organization Marketing / Event Planning

  1. Created and organized a petition to have gluten-free foods available on campus
  2. Produced and edited articles for chapter’s newsletter and blog, sent to all PRSSA students and faculty in 2008-2010
  3. Designed promotional tools, such as fliers and t-shirts, for the 2009 male beauty pageant Mr. Ohio University
  4. Coordinated all marketing and communications efforts for one of the largest homecoming celebrations in the nation.
  5. Planned several events to raise funds and create buzz about Penn State Homecoming. Events included a 5k and Homecoming Night with the local minor league baseball team.
  6. Worked closely with and acquired sponsorship from XXX Gluten-Free Foods
  7. Secured a 78 percent increase in client base compared to previous year and a 50 percent increase in firm membership for 2010-2011 school year as vice president of administration
  8. Organize campus events including information sessions and food sampling
  9. Scheduled over 35 diverse visiting professionals to speak at fall, winter and spring quarter meetings
  10. Manage 45 on campus events, including Springfest, the annual week-long homecoming in the spring semester, which includes co-sponsoring with 10-15 other clubs and organizations, three events daily, 15 events in the week, culminating in the campus-wide comedian show with attendance of up to 2,500.

 Student Organization Fundraising

  1. Collaborated with volunteers and Executive Director to increase fundraising from $3,000 in 2006 to over $50,000 in 2008
  2. Implemented more than 10 fundraising projects as member of the chapter’s finance committee in 2009

Honors and Awards

  1. Selected for academic and professional performance to represent the School of Journalism at various times and for various functions throughout the academic year
  2. Earned Outstanding Freshman & Sophomore awards in ’08-’09 & ’09-’10 school years for involvement in the chapter
  3. Selected as one of 10 students to write and perform a play about diversity to the incoming freshman class
  4. Served on the highly selective Residential Life staff
  5. Elected by peers to be the PR manager for the Sailing Team