In honor of Thanksgiving: Benefits of a gratitude journal for job seekers


What better time than Thanksgiving Eve to talk about gratitude journals? If you’re here, some of you might be thinking, “Um, I don’t have a job, and you want me to say thank you?”

That’s really the point. When you’re job searching, it’s easy to focus on the negative things — the resume you sent that didn’t get a response, the interview question you flubbed, the networking meeting you couldn’t get. A gratitude journal forces you to focus on the wins, however big or small, related or unrelated to your job search.

BTW, a gratitude journal can be as simple or complex as you want. It can be on paper or online. It can be in paragraphs or in bullet points.  Next week, I’ll show you my favorite online gratitude journal. It’s super easy, and it’s free.

Mmk, so, specifically, what are the benefits?

People who keep gratitude journals…

  1. Are more likely to make progress toward goals.
  2. Sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.
  3. Are less stressed out by everyday hassles.
  4. Do more exercise.
  5. Are more optimistic about their future.

Are you convinced yet? You’ll have more energy to put into your job search, you won’t be as discouraged by little things that go wrong, and you’ll feel more confident about your chances of success. It’s a win-win-win.

So let’s get the ball rolling. Leave a comment with something you’re grateful for, career related or otherwise.

I’ll start — it’s November 23, and it’s almost 70 degrees outside. And I’m grateful that of everything you could be doing, reading and thinking, you’re spending some time here. Thanks, it means a lot.


2 responses to “In honor of Thanksgiving: Benefits of a gratitude journal for job seekers

  1. I may be a few days late but here I go…. I’m thankful for great posts such as this that make me get up off my a** and keep looking – and I only started my search yesterday since moving home to my native land after two years. I’m thankful for the ability to read, search the net and utilise every resource I can so that I find my *dream job*.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by, and you’re not late all! 🙂 Congratulations on moving back to Ireland — it must be an exciting (and scary) time for you! I peeked at your LinkedIn profile and see you have tons of great experience in social media, so you could go in many directions. What’s your dream job, though? I also noticed that you may not be doing your experience complete justice. You speak in terms of responsibilities, not accomplishments. This post explains a bit more: Especially since you have some sales in your background, speak to the results you achieved — how much did you actually lower the cost per lead? How many cold calls did you make? How much revenue did you generate? Don’t just talk about the actions, but talk about their meaning. Make sense? 🙂

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