Need a jolt of pre-interview confidence? Put down your smart phone and head to the bathroom, says Harvard research

If you spend the minutes before your interview nervously tapping away at your phone, STOP! And watch this video.

OK, it was 17 minutes. Maybe you didn’t watch the whole thing.

Quick summary: Harvard research shows that our confidence and stress levels can change in just TWO MINUTES depending on how our bodies are positioned.

If you sit hunched forward — like you do when you’re reading news on your phone — your stress hormone (cortisol) levels rise and your confidence hormone (testosterone) levels decrease.

BUT, good news! If you spend just two minutes in a ‘power pose’ (the researcher’s term, not mine), you will see opposite effects. Stress levels decrease, confidence rises.

Even better news, the study shows that people who adopt power poses are more likely to get hired, largely because they come across as more charismatic and enthusiastic.

Are you now wondering how to pose powerfully? Look at the video image. She’s in a power pose. She’s standing up straight and tall, with her chest puffed out and hands on her hips. Her body takes up as much space as possible.

That’s why the researcher advises heading to the bathroom before your interview. You’ll be standing up on your way there, and inside, you’ll be able to spread out a bit without attracting weird looks from the receptionist.



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