Friday Laughs

Who says job searching has to be all stress and no fun? This segment is about getting the weekend off to a good start by sharing some of the funny things that a recruiter named Stephanie Lloyd posts on Twitter during the week.

She posts under the name JobSnob and tweets examples of what NOT to do and say in interviews and on cover letters and resumes. Her posts make you laugh and feel better about yourself at the same time. Enjoy!

  • What *not* to put on your resume: “Experience: Any interruption in employment is due to being unemployed.”
  • NO! “I once rcvd a very impressive resume-too bad the guy’s father emailed it to me along with a list of reasons why I should hire his son.” [My comment: can you say helicopter parent?!]
  • Don’t! “Candidate indicated ‘excellent dental and gum health.’ It was a 9 page resume & 1st page was all highly personal details like this.”

On Twitter, there is a thing called #followfriday, where you post several people you recommend others follow and why. Obviously, I recommend you follow @JobSnob, but there are tons of other great people to follow, as well. These people are constant sources of career and j0b-search advice.

Who do you follow for a good laugh or career advice? Leave your recs in the comments!


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