Social media & personal branding slides

As promised, here are the slides from last night’s presentation. Thanks to everyone who came — I hope you got something out of it!

There is one concept about Twitter that I wanted to mention but forgot, so I’ll do it here. It’s how to effectively search for people and companies.

If you know you want a job in a certain location, with a certain company or in a certain field, it’s great to follow people who are already doing what you want to be doing. To find them, you go to Twitter’s advanced search function —, and click on advanced. Here’s the link.

From there, you can search for people near a certain place or tweeting about certain things (companies, industries or ideas — anything you’re interested in).

It’s really powerful to combine LinkedIn’s company search with Twitter. With the company search, you can find companies based on name, region or industry. LinkedIn can also give you a list of people who work for the company. The best bet is to hone in on the human resources contact(s) and see if they’re on Twitter. If not, see if anyone listed is on Twitter and follow them.


2 responses to “Social media & personal branding slides

  1. Thanks for sharing your slides, Kelly! I covered pretty similar content in the session I delivered yesterday, although I found it was hard to give enough depth due to covering such a wide array. Did you find that to be true, as well?

    I’m considering splitting ours into two sessions for next cycle — one on personal branding and one of new media utilization.

  2. tarheelsintransit

    Sure! Are you going to post yours, too, along with the to-do lists? Those would be great to available have online.

    It was a tight squeeze to get everything into one presentation. I split the time about 30-70 between personal branding and new media. I used personal branding as more of a backdrop.

    I don’t feel like you can completely split the two, though, because you need to know that personal branding is the strategy behind the new media tactics. Without a personal branding strategy, your new media presence could be very fragmented, and that’s almost more dangerous than not having one at all (in my opinion).

    That being said, splitting the two sessions could be beneficial, as long as people have access to the information from the first one before coming to the second. I also like the idea of having two sessions because it gives people time to think about their brands before learning how to communicate them.

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