One thing: Create an electronic resume

If you’ve ever tried to paste your resume into the body of an e-mail (especially in plain text formats like Webmail) you know your formatting — bold, italics, even bullets — don’t work. The trick to e-mailing with ease is to create an electronic resume in plain text (the file extension .txt) or rich text format (.rtf). Both allow you to send your information to employers without formatting errors.

This article from the Lawrence University Career Center (all kinds of helpful career resources on this site) explains how to create both formats. It’s definitely worth reading, and it’s also worth creating an electronic resume. Do it today!

Side tip: The Lawrence University Career Center is also on Twitter, tweeting useful information and articles about resumes, job searching, interviewing — anything and everything career related.


3 responses to “One thing: Create an electronic resume

  1. Instead of pasting into an email, it’s better to attach a resume as a PDF. That way, no one can change your info. If you just paste the text, it could be changed potentially. Unlikely, but it could happen.

  2. tarheelsintransit

    Thanks for the comment, Matt! Totally agree with you that a PDF anything is superior to an editable document.

    The copy-and-paste thinking comes the few job descriptions I’ve read that ask for the resume in the body of the e-mail.

    It’s also helpful to send an attachment-free e-mail if your resume submission is unsolicited. Some people don’t open e-mails with attachments from unknown sources (or so they taught us in my pubic relations classes re: sending press releases to journalists).

    It’s also really helpful if you’re putting your resume into a fill form on a company’s website. I’ve done it a few times, and it’s much easier to have an .rtf doc to copy and paste from.

    You’re right, though, if I have an option, I’d much rather send my PDF resume. It’s probably a good idea to even PDF your Word resume. Thanks again, Matt!

  3. I agree with Matt.

    Personally I prefer PDF resume and find it a challenge to convey my resume in a text email.

    I think using the info in the article as well as sending a link to an online resume can always be helpful.

    Good tips.

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