One thing: Upload your resume to UCS’s website

Putting your resume in UCS’s system lets you do a couple of things:

  1. It makes your resume available to employers who want to trawl through the database of student resumes. (Kind of like, except these employers are looking specifically for Carolina students.)
  2. If you want to apply to a job through the UCS system, you have a resume ready to go. It’s an easy one-click process to send it to the employer.

Uploading your resume is simple, assuming you already have a version on-hand. You sign into the UCS Web site from this page then click “Resumes and Cover Letters” in the top menu. From there, select “+Add New” at the bottom.

After the upload is complete, your file will be in limbo until someone at UCS has a chance to review it. When I uploaded mine, I think it took less than 48 hours for someone to look it over and send me an e-mail back. Once you get a confirmation message, your resume is in their system, available to employers and for use in your applications.

Side note: You can also upload cover letters.

Edit: Thanks to Gary Miller at UCS (see the comments) for pointing out that employers can’t see all the resumes. UCS will, however, forward uploaded resumes to employers based on employer-specified criteria. Students have to allow the information to be released, so make sure you’ve allowed for that!


4 responses to “One thing: Upload your resume to UCS’s website

  1. FYI to all: UCS reviews resumes every Monday and Thursday. So, it should never take more than a few days for you to get feedback. If it takes longer, feel free to contact us, as it may be evidence of a system problem!

  2. tarheelsintransit

    Thanks, Gary! That’s good information to know. It was a really speedy process, and one employer (University Directories) actually contacted me about an opportunity because my resume was in the system.

  3. Quick correction for your original post: Employers can’t actually look through the resumes in our system. At an employer’s request, we do “resume referrals,” which is where we forward resumes meeting the criteria set up by the employer.

    But, they will only receive those where the student has set up their profile to allow the information to be released. So, students still control whether or not it can be seen (and, of course, we would hope that everyone would want that!).

    • tarheelsintransit

      Thanks for clearing that up, Gary! I just made an “edit” note on the post so people are clear on how the system works.

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