UNC senior Joanna Hill creates photography blog

Joanna Hill, a senior journalism and mass comm major, just launched a blog about her passion, photography.

She’s just starting to build her photography portfolio and will document her work on the site. She says she would like to start her own business, primarily doing wedding photos, but is starting off with senior portraits. (If you’re in need, contact Joanna!)

Not only is Joanna taking part in the career blogging trend, she’s starting a business that she can do in her spare time right now and later turn into a full-time career. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, too, here’s a list of 50 businesses you can start in your spare time.

Even if you don’t want to do any of them for a career, they could work as resume-boosting freelance positions and carry you through the post-graduation job search period.


2 responses to “UNC senior Joanna Hill creates photography blog

  1. Thanks Kelly! I really appreciate this article! I will definitely point other Seniors to this great resource!

    • tarheelsintransit

      Glad to do it – I hope your blog and business take off! I’ll refer anyone I hear talking about graduation photos to your site. Thanks for letting other seniors know about my blog!

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