UNC senior Tyler Williams creates career blog

Tyler Williams, a UNC-CH journalism and mass comm senior, just launched his blog, Word Couture. Congratulations, Tyler!

He’s participating in a new trend called career blogging, meaning that you write about your professional interests. Tyler’s are social media, public relations and communications.

Career blogging is a great addition to Tyler’s job-search strategy. He was already on Twitter and LinkedIn, but having a blog will improve his web presence and give employers a chance to see inside his head.

Employers also look favorably upon it (if your content is good!) because if you spend your free time thinking about work-related stuff, you’ll certainly bring that same passion to the office.

So if you have something to say, consider getting a free WordPress or Blogger account and saying it! You don’t have to start big. You can offer some critiques or ideas about things going on in your field.

If you don’t want to write your own just yet, consider posting comments on other people’s blogs. It still gets your name and ideas out there.

Are you a UNC senior doing something innovative to further your job search? Let me know — I’d love to profile you, too.


3 responses to “UNC senior Tyler Williams creates career blog

  1. Thanks for the blog love! I look forward to seeing what comes of it and what conversations get started. I would expect to see some links to this blog in the future; as I’ve said before, the content is top-notch. Keep up the great work!!

    • tarheelsintransit

      Sure thing 🙂 I hope it takes off – I’m sure it will, especially if the content stays as fresh as the first post. And thanks for the sweet words about this blog! I appreciate it.

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