Quick Passion Test

I had a great conversation Monday with Sherry Mason and Sarah Paul, two career coaches at Bowdoin College (pronounced Bow-den) in Maine. Among the many insightful and inspiring things they said, this piece of advice from Sherry stood out:

To figure out what you really want to do, look at who you envy.

It’s a quick, free test to see what you value and what you’re missing in your current state of life. We envy people because they have something we don’t — and that includes jobs and job responsibilities.

So for the next few weeks, try to keep a mental (or if you’re really serious, written) record of who makes you think, “Gah, that sounds like a fun job,” or “Wonder how she gets paid to do that.”


5 responses to “Quick Passion Test

  1. And then, go talk to those people. And find out how they get paid to do that.

    Don’t forget that step!

    Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Hello. Just stumbled across your blog. Good thoughts and you are doing a great thing for your school community. This is really great advice – looking to someone you respect and envy and using this to measure yourself, set your own standards, set even higher standards – something you can meet and (hopefully exceed). The best advice I can give, if you have the opportunity to network with this individual or organization on a personal level, do it! Go grab coffee – do some lunch, inquire about their story and how they got where they are today.

    Great thoughts – good blog.

    • tarheelsintransit

      Hi Matt! Thanks so much for the kind words and the thoughtful comment/advice. I completely agree with you on the networking advice. And I’d take it a step further to say, if you can create your own opportunity, do it! Don’t wait for a busy exec to say, “Hey you, college kid, let me give you career advice over coffee.”

      It’s been my experience that you’ll have a lot more success (and be more memorable, too) if you send a quick e-mail that says, “I really admire what you do (thinking of getting into the field myself), and I’d love to discuss it with you over coffee some time.”

      Thanks again, Matt.

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