One Thing: Update Your E-mail Signature

Admit it — how many of us (and I’m included in this) fall into the trap of just signing our names at the bottom of e-mails? It’s easy, but it does nothing to help our job-search cause. According to career expert Liz Ryan, a smart e-mail signature can not only tell people your contact information, but help them connect with you on LinkedIn and remind them that you’re in a job search.

So what should your signature look like?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, c/o 2009
Connect with me — LinkedIn address
Phone Number | Website (if you have one)
Phrase to let people know you’re on the job market

Here’s a sample with my information:

Kelly Giles
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, c/o 2009
Connect with me –
336.971.8449 |
Looking for opportunities to blend my passions for creativity and strategy!

[Edit: Thanks to Irene for her insightful comment! Be sure to include the entire web address (the https://www. part) so the link goes live and your e-mail reader can easily click it.]


4 responses to “One Thing: Update Your E-mail Signature

  1. Irene Koehler

    Great idea to use the email signature to provide additional information about you. One note about adding the LinkedIn URL, you may want to include the entire URL to make it “live” or “clickable” for those receiving the email.

    I include one of the following links in my email (the first one is safest as different mail programs interpret links differently):

  2. When searching for a career, this is an excellent template. Once you have a job, however, the utiliazation of social networking linkage like LinkedIn needs to reflect your employer’s policies on its utilization. If they were not to allow it at work (even the most ardent are open about LinkedIn, but not necessarily Twitter or FB), you will need to leave it off.

    With the exception of the Feds, I haven’t seen anyone in government list a social networking profile in their sig file. This may change soon, given the priority on the medium by the current administration in the White House.

    • tarheelsintransit

      Great point! Organizations definitely want a standard signature. And I bet you’re right — it’s industry-specific whether or not they want to include social media links. I’ve seen a few advertising/PR people include LinkedIn on their signature but none with Twitter or Facebook yet. Kind of surprised (in a good way) that the Feds have it!

      Probably a good idea to include LinkedIn on personal e-mail signatures even if you’re employed. It’s an easy way to keep growing your network so when the next job search time comes around you’re not scrambling for contacts.

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