Get Your Parents on LinkedIn

Make use of your helicopter parents‘ desire to be a part of your job search! Ask them to create a LinkedIn profile and connect with their friends and business associates, and, of course, you.

If they do that, your network has just expanded exponentially, and since it now includes people your parents’ age, you’re probably in touch with way more organizational leaders and decision-makers than if you just stuck with fellow students and acquaintances.

You can go one step further and ask your parents to put the word out that you’re looking for a job. Ask them to use their LinkedIn status box (it’s just like Facebook’s) to say, “My son/daughter, (name), is looking for a job in the ___ industry – know anyone who’s looking?” If you don’t know your industry, say something like, “looking for a job that uses skills X, Y and Z.”

How else can parents help in the job search process?


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