One Thing to do Today

Yesterday’s “one thing” was to join LinkedIn. Today’s is to get a Gmail account with your first and last name as the address. Two reasons:

  1. Your UNC Webmail account expires after you graduate (I know, it’s sad to say goodbye to Webmail). That means you’ll also want to backup any e-mails you care about that are in the system.
  2. Having an address screams, “I’m a student!” That’s great if you’re trying to get student-related things, like discounts, or if you’re trying to set up an informational interview (professionals are usually more responsive to students asking for help). But when it’s job time, you want as few reminders as possible that you were sitting in lecture last week. Make sense?

Now, why am I plugging Gmail and not Yahoo or Hotmail? Well, I like Gmail — it has a great search and a built-in chat. But more importantly, Yahoo and Hotmail don’t sound as professional or modern. When was the last time you saw either of those addresses? I’m thinking the early 2000’s.

So hop over to Gmail and sign up. Remember, no skibunny87, either. Just If they don’t have it, try adding your middle initial.


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