What is Web 2.0 and how can it help you get a job?

Don’t know what Web 2.0 is? Odds are, you use it every day, probably more than once. Every time you check a Facebook status or stalk that guy from sociology, you’re using Web 2.0. Basically, it’s social media — using the internet to connect with people you may or may not know in real life.

So how can Facebook help you get a job? Well, it can’t, at least not as well as some other sites.

There are professional networking sites, and the one you need to be on first is LinkedIn. It’s a professional Facebook coupled with an online resume, meaning you can list your past and present job descriptions. People use it to keep in touch with professional contacts and make new ones.

You can use it to connect with people in your field, and employers are using it more and more (especially in this economy) to find/background check prospective employees. Having a LinkedIn profile also gives you a searchable online presence. That’s why you need to be on it – if you’re not in Google, you don’t exist. But the great news? Very few college students, including UNC students, are on the network, so you’ll stand out just by having a profile.

Join today and copy and paste your resume (you have one, right??) into the job fields. Then create a catchy summary for yourself. Ideally, it’ll be your 30-second elevator pitch. If you have a nice head shot of yourself (read no red cups or bleary eyes), upload it — it’s good to give off a human vibe, even online.

Eventually, you’ll be able to use LinkedIn to find people in your industry and connect with them. But for now, just get on LinkedIn, and fill in your job descriptions and summary. Once you’ve set that up, connect with me!

Want more information? Here are some more detailed articles to help you make the most of LinkedIn:


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